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Group Exercise

New classes


Original Blast Circuit Training 5:30PM Tuesday and Thursday


Blast @ 12:00 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


Tai Chi

Tuesday @ 10:30 AM,

Wednesday @ 6:00PM

Thursday @ 10:30 AM 


Forever Fit Senior Fitness @ 10:00 AM

Monday and Wednesday


Forever Strong Senior Resistance Training 10:00 AM

Tuesday and Thursday



Aquatic Classes
Water Aerobics @ 7 AM
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday



Water Aerobics @ 6 AM
Tuesday & Thursday



Water Works @ 4 PM
Tuesday & Thursday


SCH_2024-03-28 151705.png

Class Descriptions:

Forever Fit and Strong: A class geared toward the older folks. Low impact and modified exercises to improve mobility, balance, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Involves chairs, bands, and weights. Every movement is modifiable to do seated.


BLAST:  Circuit Training including body movements with resistance to build muscle and improve cardiovascular health. You will use, free weights and bands.

Water Aerobics:  The performance of aerobic exercise in 4 ft of water.  Done mostly vertically and without swimming, it is a type of resistance training.


Water Works:  A slower paced mobility based workout to maintain and improve range of motion.

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